Expecting the unexpected: insurances and emergency funds

You never know what tomorrow is going to bring. We hope it only brings good news, but once in a while you’re bound to have some bad stuff coming your way, and when it does, you better be prepared. Global Eye examines the importance of adequate insurances and emergency funds in facing the unexpected.

Writing a Will with Global Eye: Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

People never wish to entertain the thought that negative events can happen in their own lives. While there are daily reports on the news of people around the world meeting untimely deaths, figuring in horrific accidents, and falling victim to crimes committed by other people, the average person is prone to believe himself far removed […]

Having a Home to Call Your Own with the Help of Global eye Solutions

Having a home to call your own is everyone’s dream. However, with the current market conditions and issues faced by the economy, you may think that purchasing a residential property may be a difficult, if not impossible, feat at the moment. While it’s true that a home purchase may be challenging, especially for the first-time […]

Celebrate Your Golden Years with Global eye Pension Plans

You dream of someday spending your retirement years in a tropical paradise somewhere in the Pacific, sipping on a cool drink and watching the young ones frolic in the sun as you reminisce about the adventures you had in your youth. You walk along the sandy beach while the sun is setting, and amid squeals […]